How to Request a Medical Extension from the FAA

Should you need to request additional time to provide medical documentation to the FAA, a letter can be mailed or faxed to the FAA with the following guidelines:

Address the letter to:
Aerospace Medical Certification Division (AMCD)
Federal Aviation Administration
PO Box 26080
Oklahoma City, OK 73125-9914

A template letter would contain the following information:

ATTN: Request For Extension from "Pilot Name" (PI#: 000000)*

• Acknowledge the receipt of letter from the FAA dated MM/DD/YYYY

• Actively working on getting the requested documentation to seek/continue First, Second, or Third Class Medical certification

• Respectfully requesting a thirty (30) day extension to provide the required and requested documentation to the FAA

Please note: If you have a PI number (Pathology Index #), please make sure that this number is recorded at the top of the letter and under your name. The PI# is in the upper right corner of the letter you received from the FAA. If you do not have a PI #, please provide other information that can identify your case with the FAA. Date of Birth is the best identifier.

Please keep a copy of your letter for future documentation.

You can fax this signed letter to the FAA at (405) 954-4300

You may also contact the FAA at (405) 954-4821